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Homework Help: Oscillatory Motion help

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    Hi everyone,

    Could someone please help me with the fundamentals of oscillatory motion.

    A 1 metre ruler is suspended on both ends by two strings attatched to retort stands. The length of the string is increased to observe the increase in period of oscillation.

    I need to know the relationship between L (length of string) and t (time)

    I am guessing the relationship is t : √L


    p.s I need the answer ergently
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    Welcome to PF!

    Hi Black-Enigma ! Welcome to PF! :smile:

    Guessing is no good! :rolleyes:

    (is the rule moving parallel to its length, or sideways? :confused:)

    Hint: do a force diagram to work out the force at a typical angle.

    That will give you an SHM equation, and the coefficient will tell you the relationship between L and t. :smile:
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    Hi tinytim, the ruler is being rotated about 45 degrees and then released. It oscillates back and forth.

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