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Oscilloscope quality

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    Hello people, I am wondering if anyone is familiar with these brands of oscilloscope. I would like to know so I dont end up investing in something that breaks in a 2 months

    ATTEN ADS1102CAL 100M Hz 1G Digital Oscilloscope 7" LCD -price $336

    OWON 100Mhz Oscilloscope SDS7102 1G/s large 8" -price $467.49
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    Hello Basher - these really are the low end of the market - and one or two experiences you may find here probably not too much help ( soo small of a sample set). I have seen the Owons on e-bay so there will be some reviews there, check amazon as well.
    I bought a used Fluke Scopemeter - but for my home use I am also looking at these.

    However -IMO - most scopes die at the hands of their owners, not due to self-immolation (;-).
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    haha i agree. We saw a used tektronix for $350 but no probes, an older model. I would really love an agilent or tektronix scope. However, i am a lowly student that can't afford such extravagence. But I will look to see if i can get some reviews on ebay/amazon. Thank you
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    While for work, even if it was my money for my business I would pick name brands, but for my personal use, I will be getting a similar unit "off the boat"... I am sure they are fine.

    The brand names are getting some pretty good prices - 3-5 x your numbers above though ( http://www.alliedelec.com/search/productdetail.aspx?SKU=70230720 ) - there is acually a 4 Ch, 200MHz w 8 Ch digital ( mixed signal) for about $4K - I really can not see too many cases where you would need more then that. I work in power - the probes are actually the expensive parts.

    When I read the reviews of the low end models there seemed to be a good number of issues with poorly written ( translated) manuals, software in Chinese - etc. Usually fixable, but a pain.
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