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OSX on Intel Machine

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    Just to let you guys know i successfully installed OSX in my brother's intel based machine. It was a bumpy ride which involved losing all data on the hard drive when the setup crashed exactly when the disk utility was partitioning the hard drive.
    Other than that minor set back and a few couple other crashes during setup (it finally installed at the third time) it actually got going, and runs fast. I didn't get almost any time on it to make a proper review, but i was pleased. The problem (crashing) during installation, wasn't because of the setup apparently. The OS crashes from time to time, or rather "panics", locks up and asks me to press down the power button to restart. It's probably some hardware incompatibility. I want to install it on my Linux machine but i want to wait until i don't need it for school, i don't want the mad OSX setup to eliminate yet another system. For now i'm installing Solaris on it. Add to that the Windows Vista i got from school and i might get a 4-boot of:
    Suse Linux
    Windows Vista
    Solaris 10
    Mac OSX
    As you see i'm wanting to get familiar with other OSs. :smile:
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