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Other classic experiments

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    What other classic quantum experiments exist that a novice should understand or be aware of?

    I’m aware of the double-slit experiment, what other experiments should I read up on? Preferably ones that are less than a 1000 pages and were written such that mypoor brain can understand them? :)
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    Welcome to the forums, Warrick. The Stern-Gerlach experiment is important, especially in the cascaded form described by Feynmann in volume 3 of his physics textbooks. This demonstrates the non-intuitive nature of quantum spin, and supports the idea that particles don't really have a well defined spin (or by extension any other property) apart from measurement.
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    I can't give you details, but Einstein's explanation of the photoelectric effect was based on experiments which showed the existence of the effect in any specific situation was frequency dependent rather than intensity dependent.
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