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Other credible anomalies

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    The laws of physics don't apply the same to women. A female driver can and will pull out in front of anyone that is 100' away no matter how fast they are going. Clearly, closing velocity is not a physical parameter for them. This is an anomaly that should be investigated. It could have implications from rewriting the laws of physics all the way to an FTL propulsion system. :surprised
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    Another anomalie that screams for investigation is the gravitic anomlie that forms between your dish and your mouth. This insidious anomaly causes an extremely localized increase in the force of gravity as well as a random change in vector the effect of which is to make whatever is on your utensil fall off somewhere between the dish and your mouth. It also has implications of intelligent (paranormal?) intervention because it seems to be aware of the presence of a table near the dish and usually won't fall off until AFTER it is past the edge of the table. :grumpy:
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    What about the anomalie of the thought process of heavy drinkers, regardless of gender, as they will sometimes literally crawl on hands and knees, yes, sometimes across broken glass...to get the car keys, to then drive to the liquor store for yet another bottle, which is invaribly sold to them?

    I get very antsy about driving, especially on weekends, when things like this can and do happen all too often.

    (Can someone please explain to me the strike thru many of the names in this forum?...is it a club I should consider joining???)

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    Ok TY~ I see it a club I might want to avoid!


    Then it wud probably be fine to change the subject here...I s'pose.
    Oh maybe this topic deserves it own Title...I think so~
    I hope it's not been laughed off the forum previously, already.
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    Totally! But first you must be a member of the Pen 15 club as a prerequisite. Do you still want to join? Then just write PEN 15 with a marker on your forearm. That way everyone else who is a member can greet you with the secret handshake.

    P.S. Post pics!
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    That's okay~ i don't think I have a no. 15 pen to write it with, & with all the emphasis on authenticity these days, I guess I'll stick with my own club, the Slightly Schitzoid Throw Back Hippy Chicks of America.
    or um SSTBHCA....fer short.
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