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Other Forces

  1. Mar 30, 2004 #1
    I know there are 4 forces
    Gravity,Electromagnetisim,Strong and Weak

    Does anyone know about any other forces, that they think are in the universe.
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    The dark energy that causes the accelerated expansion of the universe might be considered a diffferent force, but if it is explained by the cosmological constant in Einstein's field equations, then it's just an aspect of gravity.
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    I thought the cosmological constant was one of Einstein's biggest flops? At least that's what I remember reading in some book...
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    Einstein introduced the cosmological constant for the wrong reason (he was trying to make his theory predict a steady-state universe). It seems there might a cosmological constant after all, but for an altogether different "reason," to explain the accelerating expansion of the universe.

    - Warren
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