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Other forums like this one

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    not that i would want to replace this one, i have still yet to read some of the insightful threads and learn new things from their discussions.

    are there other forums that have such a large user following as this one?
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    In the majority of science forums, you will find yourself up to the eyeballs in crackpots. Be warned.
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    But the website that cronxeh has posted here, is very similar to PF! I think that's a very good forum!
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    The project I'm working on will hopefully become soemthing simmilar to PF some day in the distant future.

    Yeah, I totally agree. Some are pure madness...
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    //Sorry for double posting. Can I have the two posts merged? :x

    I found a science forum that seems un-crackpotted. They even have a link to PF

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    Is the scienceforums.net server down? I can't seem to access it. I went on those forums a lot but now it doesn't work.
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    yes, it's been down since yesterday. i'm not sure why.

    it is a good forum, though. i have been there a few years. the crackpots are usually held at bay. we do like to play with them sometimes, though.

    i guess http://www.internationaldiscussionforums.net [Broken] is similar. most of it's members came from SFN.
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    It's nice to see a familar name. I hope it gets back up. Maybe Blike forgot to pay the bills :wink:
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    I've found other sites but this one is the best so far...nice people, smart people, good help. That's all I need.:wink:
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    Hmm. Just reading off the first five threads on SFN...

    If you want to read more, you'll have to go here: http://scienceforums.net/

    Now you realize how totally awesome is PF. :cool:
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    Chi Meson

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    I had lurked around scienceforums about four years ago and it was nowhere near PF in quality. Disorganized and uncontrolled. It seems to have cleaned up a bit and reigned in the crackpots. It even seems to have rules now (see: "So you've got a new theory")
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    A formerly good community was here which has just been completely cleaned out. We've re-done the forum a few times, but this is the first time it's been totally wiped clean. (Had to re-register, no old thread, forums changed) But it's pretty god.
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    Found a few other good ones for specialist interests of mine, but nothing as broad and with as many well-respected contributors as here, and I only really care about the engineering section, don't pay much attention to the proper sciences!
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    We should have some forum competitions. :tongue2:
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