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Other good forums?

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    I am aware that there are other good forums on the WEB, however PF is the only one that I have gained any familiarity with over the years. I have run into others sometimes when searching a particular topic over Google, however even there PF is the one to which I have most often been referenced. I'd like to ask here, which other forums PF members have found interesting. (Any valid subject area)

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    well, there you go with why people didn't answer--

    --"If you can't say (suggest) anything good, don't say (suggest) anything at all."
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    There are other forums on the innerwebs? News to me.
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    These sound like the acts of those who are politically wedded to their sides - - - unwilling to listen to anything the other side says. But, then how else will you ever know what thoughts they may entertain. The most dangerous potential enemy is the one who is unknown; those unknown can never become friends.

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