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    Tom Mattson

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    Have we run into each other on other message boards?

    Let's all give a rundown of our usernames at other forums. I'll start.

    sciforums (Tom2)
    science forums (Tom)
    Physical FX (Tom)

    Somehow, I became a moderator at that last one. It was news to me.

    Philosophy Forums (Tommy Boy)

    Super 400 (quantumdude)
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    physica FX

    i have the same username "MSI"

    well the forum admin is called TOM and you are also TOM so he made you a moderator . :wink:
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    Tom, I thought I recognized your avatar in Philosophyforums.com...

    Currently other then Physics Forums, I am Kerrie on:

    Bandlink Philosophy Forums
  5. Apr 7, 2003 #4
    PhysicsForums: J-Man
    ExpertsExchange: J-Man
    PhysicsForum: J-Man
    BadAstronomy: J-Man
    Seti@Home: jhlimberg
    vbforum: JMan

    I don't post at the others very much anymore, probably expertsexchange more than the rest except here.
  6. Apr 7, 2003 #5
    same name everywhere...

    Science Forums(.net)
    Physics forums

    and a few other that may have slipped my mind
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