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  1. I'm an EE major and lately I've been looking for professional organizations to get involved with. I've been a member of the IEEE for a while, but I don't see many other organizations that have interesting agendas for electrical engineers.

    Am I missing any big groups? I was thinking of joining the ACM.

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  3. Astronuc

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    For EE's, IEEE is pretty much it.

    What are your particular interests in EE.

    If one is interested in mathematical modeling, then Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (www.siam.org) might be of interest.

    ACM (http://www.acm.org/) is good if one is interested in computers and hardware/software.

    If you were interested in electronic materials, then there is a Electronic Device Failure Analysis Society group. IIRC there are other materials societies with groups involved in electronic materials.
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