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Other schools to apply to?

  1. Jan 25, 2014 #1
    Hi everyone,

    I am at a community school right now taking math and science courses (Calculus III, Physics II, and General Chemistry II at the moment) planning to transfer for the Fall of 2014, enrolling somewhere in Mechanical Engineering with a possible Math double major (double with a Math major is a big maybe right now).

    I already possess a degree in History, reason being that I was undecided out of high school and history was interesting so I just decided to major in it at my previous undergrad, Sacred Heart University. By the time I realized I wanted nothing to do with any career involving history and that I liked it more as a hobby I was already halfway through junior year, so I finished the degree with a 3.19. This brings me to my issues:

    How will my previous degree affect me in applying to new schools for a completely opposite concentration? For example, if I didn't do as well in some of my history degree courses will they hold it against me despite my grades in my Math/Science courses? How much will it sway the decision?

    That is something I am curious about if anyone has done something similar to what I am doing now. The question that really brings me to the forums is about my school search. I can find plenty of information on the top engineering schools around the country, but if my G.P.A. is not high enough or I am denied admission for whatever reason, it has been hard for me to find information on the lesser known but still quality engineering schools.

    Counting courses starting a calculus and up for my community college work load I have around a 3.8-3.9, (A's in Calculus, Calculus II, and my Chemistry I lab, B+'s in Physics I and the General Chem I lecture). The only schools currently that I know I will be applying to for certain are Georgia Tech (my number one) and Virginia Tech.

    Obviously those schools are really good schools and while I would love to get into either one, I cannot rely on getting into these two. So I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions (geography of the school is an afterthought, I will deal with the location of the school after I have seen the possibilities) about where I should apply and have a realistic chance at getting into? (Long shots and safe schools are also appreciated!)
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