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Other Universes

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    I was thinking this exact same thing, glad to see other people have the same idea as me.



    "There is some speculation that multiple universes exist in a higher-level multiverse (also known as a megaverse), our Universe being one of those universes (lower case). For example, matter that falls into a black hole in our Universe could emerge as a "Big Bang," starting another universe. However, all such ideas are currently untestable and cannot be regarded as anything more than speculation."
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    Well if it was not possible to detect these other universes, then they might as well not exist...but my opinion is that other universes do exist but some are completely lifeless though and some might actually have life on every other planet, some crazy random speculation here.
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    as David Deutsch has pointed out- it is not true that other universes are completely untesable and unreachable- it is just that it becomes exponentially EXPENSIVE to measure their effects-

    basically this means that current notions define Reality as anything that can be observed within the limits of FUNDING (^__-)
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    I think this idea is outdated. In a recent paper on whether information can escape black holes (the conclusion was it can), Hawking stated:
    - http://arxiv.org/abs/hep-th/0507171
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    I don't get it. The word Universe literally means "everything." The definition of a multiverse is nonsence.
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    yeah, i believe in two different planes but one universe.
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    it said my message was too short, so this is just to make it longer
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    true. tomato.
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    Exactly. You say "tomato"; I say "Lycopersicon esculentum L.". It's all good. :biggrin:
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    the word atom means indivisble and we all know thats not true. somethings just stick. multi-universes or a megaverse are just theories. most of which are very far-fetched. but there are still many people (me included) who believe in the possibility of parallel universes, white holes etc. and they're trying to prove it. cosmology now a days is kind of becoming a faith with all these new theories out there, no one knows wat to believe. we barely know the shape of our universe, let alone if there are any others like it...

    btw, nice quote ellipse, i didnt know hawking said that.
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    Who cares what Hawking thinks? Hawking is the John Kerry of science, flip-floppin all the time.

    If Einstein listened to what Newton was saying, he would have never come up with Relativity.
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    Einstein didn't just ignore what his predecessors said; especially not Newton. Einstein realized that Maxwell's laws conflicted with Galilean mechanics, and he was bold enough to challenge Galilean mechanics based on his conviction that Maxwell's laws were more valid. But Einstein's first postulate for the special theory of relativity (the principle of relativity) is an expanded version of one that Galileo and Newton used.

    And Hawking never said that there isn't a multiverse. He just stated that black holes cannot be used to travel between universes, and I think Hawking knows a tad more about black holes than you. Hawking pioneered the idea that black holes may create baby universes.

    By the way, there have been some questions on the latest Hawking paper, and Hawking may even change his mind on this, but what he says is definitely not something to be ignored.
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