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Other ways?

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    help required from your exprience.
    I consider my self quite a good physicist (I can think clear)
    I really love Relativity (specially Special-Relativity.) I am good at maths (if it involves things that I do in physic class.)
    I also like Astronomy (which in a way involves SR).
    Unfortunatly this year I have been slack and studied maybe for a total of about 10 hours for the whole year :(
    What are my options here? I know I cannot get into uni right-away (Physic course) if you have been in a similar situation please let me know what gives the most effective result (getting my physic course done, so that I can enjoy working)
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    Why were you slacking this year? Have you lost interest in the subject? Was there some other reason you were lacking motivation to get work done? Unless the problem was due to some medical condition that left you ill or excessively tired, I'm afraid there's no other remedy than to find your own motivation from within and buckle down to do the work you need to do. If you can't find that motivation, you really should consider the reasons, such as lack of interest, a new interest that is distracting you, etc., and address the reasons head-on.
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