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News Ottawa knew of Sampson's torture

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    I'm wondering what people think of the story of William Sampson from Canada? He's the 44-year-old biochemist who was recently released by the Saudis after being held for 31 months under charges of murder. Not only was he (and others) tortured and forced into making a televised confession, but it's also been revealed that Canadian government officials knew he was tortured but continued to gloss over the issue.
    http://www.globeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20030813.usamp0813/BNStory/National/ [Broken]
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    I'm thinking it is ok for Canadians to get tortured, because they are anti-American...and especially by Saudi Arabia, because they are our friends.
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    Ah! yes..this is what your CONSCIOUS mind may be thinking but..it's obvious your SUBCONSCIOUS mind is thinking that if this isn't anti-somethingism amercanism rightwingism then you must by force of habitism answer with a sarcasmism! [b(] OLE!
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    No, it is just my normal reaction to human-rights violations by "friends" of the American oil companies or the religious Right, or when Americans are not involved.

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