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Otto von Hapsburg

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    July 24, 1983

    Also there have arisen in Europe two outstanding political
    leaders, both writing and speaking out and writing books, saying
    "EUROPE MUST UNITE POLITICALLY." One of those was called the
    "Strong Man of Europe," Dr. Franz Josef Strauss. Some 12 years
    ago I entertained him at dinner in my home in Pasadena, and he
    spoke to the faculty and students of Ambassador College. I have
    maintained contact with him. He wrote the book The Grand Design.

    The other arrived two weeks ago from Munich, West Germany,
    to have a meeting with me. He is Dr. Otto von Habsburg, head of
    the 700-year-old House of Habsburg, which ruled the Holy Roman
    Empire in the dynasty prior to Napoleon, and one of the most
    prestigious royal families in Europe. Dr. Habsburg was born the
    Archduke of Austria. His family was exiled during World War II,
    and he rejected Nazism and sided with the Allies during the war.
    He has since renounced his title. He very probably has a more
    clear grasp of international affairs than any man today. He is
    author of the famous book The Social Order of Tomorrow, giving a
    design for reunification of Europe startlingly close to the
    biblical description of this prophesied resurrected Europe to
    occur just prior to the Second Coming of Christ.

    I had long wanted to meet Otto von Habsburg personally. I
    missed meeting him in Athens, Greece, last November, returning
    from my visit to our churches in South Africa and in Nairobi.
    However, Ellis La Ravia, vice president of the Ambassador
    Foundation, had arrived in Athens a couple days ahead of me from
    Pasadena. He attended a meeting there of the European Parliament,
    of which a leading member is Dr. Habsburg, who expressed regret
    at missing a meeting with me. He said then he would be so
    occupied with the then coming West German elections and sessions
    of the European Parliament, the very first date he could be free
    would be July 10 of this year. He said that on that day he would
    fly to Pasadena for a meeting with me. He kept his word and
    arrived on schedule in Pasadena two weeks ago this afternoon.

    Dr. Habsburg addressed students and campus employees on
    Monday at 11 a.m. Mr. La Ravia and I took him on a brief visit
    through the Auditorium and then to luncheon in the faculty dining
    room. That evening he was guest at a formal dinner in my home
    with other Church officials and their wives. I also had a private
    meeting with him, as did Mr. Gene H. Hogberg, chief of our world
    news staff. While here he stayed in a guest apartment on campus.
    Tuesday night he addressed the Los Angeles World Affairs Council
    in Beverly Hills.

    Wednesday morning he flew with me and some of our staff in
    our G-II jet to Washington, D.C. There he addressed the John
    Davis Lodge Center for International Studies at the University

    In my private meeting with him, Dr. Habsburg expressed
    disappointment that progress on the European reunification had
    moved so slowly. I expressed the conviction that some totally
    unexpected world-shocking event could occur suddenly at any time
    that would high pressure European nations to go together
    overnight, adopting the constitution already prepared by the
    European Parliament. This Parliament, although without
    substantial power, is composed of leaders who are framing the
    constitution in advance. He mentioned that there are madmen such
    as Kadafi and Khomeini who could pull off some startlingly
    unexpected international act that would press the panic button in

    Incidentally, Drs. Habsburg and Strauss are close friends,
    and for some reason I do not understand -- but may be of God's
    designing -- both are very friendly to me and to Ambassador

    Now let me tell you WHY I know God has HELD BACK end-time
    world events -- and WHY he will cause things to snap together
    suddenly when least expected and bring this world suddenly to its
    END, and the coming of Christ in supreme power and glory to rule
    ALL NATIONS, ushering in the KINGDOM OF GOD and the WORLD

    In Revelation 7, God suddenly holds up the plagues of the
    Day of the Lord, UNTIL certain events happen -- the sealing of
    the 144,000 and the emergence of the Laodicean Church. He has
    held events back before. Yet he says that, when HIS time comes,
    he will make a speedy work in the end time and cut his work

    In Matthew 24:32-35 Jesus said that when we see world
    events now occurring, we are to KNOW that this END is very near -
    - within this generation. Yet of the day and hour (verse 36) we
    cannot know. Yet when it strikes it will strike suddenly,
    unexpectedly, like a trap that springs shut on a hapless rat
    without warning. If one knew at what hour a thief would come in
    the night to burglarize his house, he would have watched and been
    ready to resist him.

    We have been seeing these end-time world events coming for
    several years now. God has delayed -- held up world events. Yet
    he will SUDDENLY cut his work short, and END things, as
    unexpectedly and suddenly as when the trap springs on a rat
    before he can move.

    When Europe suddenly unites, our work, which Christ is
    doing with and through us, will quickly be over, and Christ's
    coming very soon thereafter....

    With deep love, in Jesus' name,

    Herbert W. Armstrong
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