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Ouija Board

  1. Jun 12, 2004 #1
    has anyone here tried this?...i've dont it in grade 5, and some kid was doing it and he was , i guess "acting cool" and he pissed "it" off and it said it would kill him that night, and everyone in the class told him to apoligize and he did and the "spirit" said it wouldent hurt him anymore....then the teacher came and took it away..

    any of u guys have stories about the Ouija board.....and what do u guys think of it, i'v always wondered how it worked, anyone got an explanation?
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    Can't say I've heard about this till' now. Some of the stories i found with google are quite interesting, if they are true that is. I've always been fascinated with, and belived in, supernatural stuff and spirits and such, so I find this very interesting. Makes me wanna try one myself..
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    its quite scary come to think about it, i have no idea how it works...

    i wonder if it was engineered or if it actually does work with spirits, cuz its really wierd..

    you just put ur fingers on it and it moves by itself to the letters on the board to make words/sentences..

    maybe someone here knows
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    Ouija boards are fake - I'm always the ******* that moves it to freak everyone else out.
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    LOL phat

    I've always wondered how they work, I once tried it in a cemetery with some friends. Nothing unusual but when we asked the "spirit's" name it spelled Dr. Seuss
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    I've done sumthing like that before in my first year in res. My best friend got this chinese ouija board, you had to call on your personal protector to answer a few questions. We asked the "protector" questions like who will we marry.. all that kinda stuff. i guess we were both moving the glass around... It was stupid and I dont believe in crap like that anyway.
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    Chi Meson

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    Note that the ouija board cannot work unless the people who have their finger on the doohicky are looking at the board. Try it! HAve one person watch what happens and the participants close their eyes. NADA!

    COurse, a psychic will tell you that the spirit is insulted if a person is watching and not participating.

    It must be cool to be a psychic! Give yourself instant superiority to everyone around you, and there is no way to be proven false since any psychic failure can have an explanation!

    "I am very sensitive. I can see a spirit behind your left shoulder. He says he wants a snack. It's your lost brother. He says he misses food. DId your brother like to eat?"

    "Oh my goodness, how did you know that?"
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