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Our culture, Gen X

  1. Dec 13, 2004 #1
    as a person growing up in the 1990's and 2000's i often wonder about culture or the severe lack of it

    it only dawned on me a while ago that im surrounded by culture and did not realise it, full of sex drugs etc etc.

    but more to the point, i believe that the recent trend towards immorality and increased promiscuity and sexual activity, well i think its immoral, is because of our declining population rate.

    i believe because there are less kids around running amuck (making a nuisance out of themselves) us young people do not realise how bad it is to have a kid at a young age and become promiscuous.

    any thoughts?
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    Life is not what it once was in the 60's, or even the 70's.

    Our culture is getting more and more comfortable with sex, drugs, and commerials advertising it. Our technology is rapidly increasing; which has more good than bad, but also bad consequences.

    Alot of junk food, or most food, is processed in some way, and has alot of bogus ingredibles, that were not around much. People used to make their own food, and not add all the stuff. food was healthier. Overweight people are 60% of america now.

    Internet has created havoc with people. It has its good things, but lots of people are addicted to it. There are evil people out there, I go to a self help forum because I'm suicidal and have depression, and it sends a chill up my spine when I heard on the news some teenager kid who was suicidal hung himself according to instructions on a forum on the internet.

    Advertisers are sending misleading, more sexually oriented commerials towards todays youth. TV is getting more violent. But most of all, our culture is getting more and more sexual in nature.
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    To make things even more confusing, the anti-contraceptive abstinence-only policies being pursued by the current Administration is further alienating the youth of America.

    The advertising promiscuity seems to be linked to the increasingly consumer-driven economy, which are summed up in popular paradigms like "Sex sells" and whatnot. All of this tends to have a sensory-overload effect (beautiful women on different products and in every other television commercial).
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    IT's like a game the media and government are playing with you..... as more and more sexual topics are accepted and displayed on television and other places. The government is going more and more into like you said an abstenance only policy, removing sex ed from the classroom. Then someone gets pregant I am just waiting for someone to pop out point a finger at them start laughing and go "HAHAHAhaha got ya" the two plans don't work together. Religon should not be allowed to be an excuse to **** over people's lives. People need to know about sex ed, because no mater how much abstinence you preach people are going to have sex. Especially with how it is portrayed in the enivornment around us.

    BTW this is for US not sure about other countries.
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