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News Our fair leaders speech (atheists especially)

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    Hey atheists. If you are not aware, the foremost power of atheism in the united states is American Atheists, Inc at www.americanatheists.com[/url] or [url]www.atheists.org[/URL]

    This is the group that speaks directly to the supreme court and other government groups. They are certainly the highest power of atheism in the U.S.

    The following is the text of an address given by the founder of American Atheists at the Eighth Annual Convention of the American Rationalist Federation, on 25 August 1962, before the US Supreme Court had agreed to hear the case now known as Murray v Curlett. The speech was originally printed in The American Rationalist, Volume 17, Number 3, September/October 1962.

    For you atheists, American Atheists and the American rationalist Federation are both orgs you should be aware of. As an atheist it's a good humanitarian gesture to unite! No cost, no downside, just make the groups known and share them with atheist friends!


    The indestructible foundation of the whole edifice of Atheism is its philosophy, materialism, or naturalism, as it is also known. That philosophy regards the world as it actually is, views it in the light of the data provided by progressive science and social experience. Atheistic materialism is the logical outcome of scientific knowledge gained over the centuries.

    We make a fundamental error, I think, as we tilt at the windmills of imagined gods. We need to review from where we have come, under what conditions, and to see the threshold upon which we stand now.


    Ours is a time when successful struggle against this reactionary philosophy requires more than a petulant argument over the authorship of the Gospels, more than a negative attack on the totalitarian and monolithic authoritarianism of conventional religion, but rather an aggressive action program to spread the positive philosophy of materialism.

    [b]*Edit* Read the rest at[PLAIN]http://www.atheists.org/Atheism/atheism.html [Broken][/b]

    by Madalyn Murray O’Hair. Founder of American atheists, the oldest and most powerful atheist unity in America
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    Re: Our fair leaders speech (atheists only)

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    Re: Re: Our fair leaders speech (atheists only)

    1. It's obvious? I really doubt that. I'd bet less than 10% of the atheists here even know what it is.

    2. I meant to state that this was PARTICULARLY for atheists.
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    Re: Re: Our fair leaders speech (atheists only)

    Just ignore that. Despite the title, all threads are open to everyone.
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    Re: Re: Re: Our fair leaders speech (atheists only)


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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Our fair leaders speech (atheists only)

    Don't worry, *edit*
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Our fair leaders speech (atheists only)

    LOL, it was the honest truth Zero..you hafta admit.
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    Poo I agree with Kat I dont see why you edited it
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    This has gone way off-topic. LA, you should cut and paste the first post and try again.
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