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Our Introduction

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    Hello all!

    My son and I are working through AP Physics together in our homeschool. I'm a pre-med grad who's been fiddling with computers since I was a kid, and I now work as an identity and security expert for a large ecommerce company. I did fine in high school and college physics, but was never a 100% student in either, and am anyway pretty rusty at best. My son loves computers and computer programming, and is picking up physics really well, but the material is getting trickier as we progress. We're joining to get a bit of help on some confounding questions, and hoping to be able to help others along as we learn more. Depending on how things go here, you'll hear more from him over time, and less from me.

    Glad to be here!

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    Welcome to the PF!

    Sounds like fun helping your son with challenging physics problems. :smile: Be sure to read through the Homework Help rules (see INFO at the top of the page), and read through a few similar problem threads before posting, so you get a feel for the format that we use for schoolwork-type questions. If you do a good job filling out the Homework Help Template that you are provided when starting a new thread in the Homework Help section of the PF, you should get fine help with the problems. :smile:
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