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Our kitty just died

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    Some years ago, I thought one could never have too many puppies or kittens. Well, GUESS WHAT! Now, many years later, we are loosing them one after another. We've had to put down four pets in the past 3 1/2 years. Two in just the past few months. The most recent one was today. We are truly bummed. Dip was a very sweet, soft black kitty who was over 14 years old. I miss him already. Thank goodness we have Zooby the Cat to ease the sorrow. We also have Einstein as our last very old kitty. Hopefully, he will remain healthy for the next year or ten. I'll be happy with one or two.

    While it is so hard to loose them, I am so thankful to our Vets who always make the process so much easier. I am struck, time after time, with the fact that we can be humane to our pets, but being humane to humans is against the law. Weird. We look at it as being the one final act of love toward our pets. We are always with them as they get their "love shot" so they know they are safe. We hold them, and kiss them and love them out of this life and on the next (whatever that may mean). Our vets office always sends us a condolance card with a little story about our pets waiting for us on the 'Rainbow Bridge' so we can all cross over into heaven together. Sweet story. Helps to get through the sorrow of loss...

    So, now I'm sitting here sucking up a bit of Sake and getting ready for a nap. If I don't post too much for awhile, it's cause I'm either still sad, I'm reading up on String Theory and Loop Quantum Gravity (I'm trying to get smart :wink:) or I'm studying manuels for a new scanner at work... Not to worry, tho (right. like you guys are really gonna worry ) -- I'll be around (and that's not a promise...it's a threat!!!! ) - Watch out, Mr. Robin Parsons! My tank's getting a new skin!!! )
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    I am so sad to hear that you have suffered another loss so soon. I know how deeply it hurts.

    Please don't be gone long...
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    Thanx, Evo. I won't. Just need a little time...
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    Ivan Seeking

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    We had 6 animals all the same age; 3 dogs and 3 cats, in addition to an ornamental Silver Persian who lived to be 19! All but one of the rest made it 12 - 15 years. Einstein is 14. We knew this was going be tough but we never really expected them all to live so long. We have been really lucky with our pets.

    Needless to say we have the space to accommodate such a zoo. We have also had 4 goats and 1 rabbit, and on loan we had 1 horse, 10-15 cows, and 20 sheep. Also, 2 uninvited skunks who made friends with the cats, several strays - 2 dogs, 3 cats - that happened by but found homes, and the best of all, the occasional uninvited 2000 pound (horny) bull who lurks outside of my office late at night...when I have to walk up to the house...in the dark...all alone...at 1/10 the body weight...

    One moonless night I had forgotten my flashlight and the bull was here. As I walked blindly through the dark, going only by memory, I suddenly realized that I could hear him breathing somewhere very close by. I couldn't see a thing!
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    All I got was "horny bull.... breathing heavy next to me.."


    Sorry to hear about your cat
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    jimmy p

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    we had to put down 3 of our cats at 6 month intervals exactly to the week. That was quite depressing, we had 7 and now we have 4...soon to be 7 or 8, cos one of our balinese puddy tats is pregnant.... however she is a bugger so just to spite us she well probably have 6 or so. Evil cat.
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    I'm sorry to hear about your cat.


    My parents kept a cat to catch mice before. One day, he was run over by a bike and it killed him. Though I didn't really like him, I felt a little bit sad about it. They also had 4 dogs before. The first one was poisoned and killed by a cold-blodded guy, the second one just disappeared in an evening (probably it was caught), the third one died of sickness and the last one was knocked down by a car. I really liked the second dog and the third dog. My parents then decided not to keep pets again in their workplace.
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