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Our Place in the Universe

  1. Mar 14, 2005 #1
    I came upon an article ANOTHER "SPECIAL" PLACE TO LEAVE FOREVER that you may find interesting.

    “The interactions that build one's mind occur somewhere between what we see as macro and micro universe. The elucidation of this “special” place will essentially improve the understanding of nature. The theory of interaction shows that life is a cosmic interaction, which occurs at atomic scales.”
    http://articlehub.com/Science/ANOTHER-SPECIAL-PLACE-TO-LEAVE-FOREVER.html [Broken]

    I wonder could it be otherwise?
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    This is an article that I really liked. There was some concept right in the middle, talking about the quantum nature of our consciousness, and our place between the macro and quantum...my brain liked that, there was some sort of awakening signal from within me, when I read that. A very nice, soft, Aha.
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    It is also interesting to notice that Savov's firework universe
    is free from singularities and problems associated with appearance of infinity.
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    From what I read, which was not much because I still have to shower and get ready to go, but it grabbed my interest right off. My only query is how can you see a micro-universe? When I see the prefix 'micro' I think of a tiny micro-organism that can only be seen with a microscope. Hence the prefix 'micro'. How does one view a micro-universe? Just wondering. :smile:
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    I think that by micro universe are considered the interactions
    at atomic and sub-atomic level.
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    That would make sense.

    Sidenote: How different are atomic and sub-atomic interactions in space from the ones on Earth? I know that sounds like a stupid question.
  8. Apr 1, 2005 #7
    They have not to be different.
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    I finished reading the article. I'm really glad I had time to finish it. It made some sense in my brain, little because I'm new in physics. Very thought provoking article. Pardon my ignorance, what is antimatter? I've heard it, but I don't know what it means.
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    Antimatter + matter = A huge amount of energy.

    Antimatter is kind of like the opposite of matter. It isnt visible, and Im not sure if its proven to exist but, its there. What it does is combines with matter and they completely annihilate each other, releasing energy according to einstein's famous equation

    E = mc^2.

    So the energy from 1 gram of antimatter+ 1gram of matter

    E = (0.001g)(9 x 10^16) = 9x10^13 = 90000000000000 Joules of energy.
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    :bugeye: Wow that's a lot.

    By the way, welcome to PF. Glad to have you here.:smile:
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    Yes antimatter is not only real, it is produced every day on purpose to do PET scans on people with medical problems. It is created spontaneously all around us as particle-antiparticle pairs arise in the quantuum vacuum. The Athena project at CERN is attempting to produce stable, electrically neutral antimatter in the form of anti-hydrogen. If you Google these terms, you will find some interesting links.

    Antimatter is very real. A really big mystery in cosmology is how the Big Bang, which should have created equal amounts of matter and antimatter, could have resulted in a Universe that is so thoroughly dominated by matter. This is an important question.
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    So we have come to the consensus it is extremely important. Is there speculation the Big Bang may not have created equalamounts of matter and anitmatter?
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    The matter - antimatter difference can be explained as a simple anomaly due to quantum fluctuations. You only need about 1 part in 100 million imbalance to create enough matter to account for this universe.
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