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Our Solar System name?

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    Ok, so I've been passionately researching my latest novel idea as it takes place in an extremely far fetched future with long range interstellar travel and all that and the brink of controlled time modulation etc...

    While doing this, I've been able to name every site, system, planet of importance, however I find that an intelligent futuristic society would have some kind of tried and true, advanced naming scheme to reference planets, systems, galaxies etc apart from their relative Universal location as these humans might no longer consider "Earth" home as we do today (no more than my parents consider Africa home, as in Ancestral Eve Africa). For the most part this is done, my problem lies in things like:

    1. What is the name for a solitary multiple star system (I hope I'm wording this correctly! - I get the naming scheme from 2 stars on: Binary, Trinary, Quaternary etc... but what is only one star system called?

    2. Suppose a freighter was traveling from, say Europa to the Earth's moon. If said freighter's pilot was getting absolutely hammered minutes before preflight at a Europan tavern would he say he was headed to Earth's moon? Whereas another guy might say he's just flying to Phobos. Not having to say Mar's moon, Phobos?

    3. Also, how set are we on defining what is "The" Universe? Have there been any discussions on the possibility that things may exist outside of what we perceive as existence? This is perhaps more philosophical than physically scientific though, or is that the realm of the Multiverse..? What I'm curious about is, can we explain the size and shape of the Universe? It appears that the universe we see can be spatially mapped 3 dimensionally right now, but this may change as we come to understand... other dimensions such as time to which we can treat like distances and locations. If such is probable.

    I hope this leads to some good discussion, and I appreciate any constructive input, information or areas where I may acquire some more insight. I tried googling for solutions with the above which was rewarding, but I'm still amused with these for the moment.

    Thanks for your time or 2 cents!
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    The size/shape of the universe is not known. It may be infinite or it may be finite but bounded. There are LOTS of discussions of the multiverse and such things but there is exactly zero evidence for any such. The "universe" means all that there is, so there is no such thing as "outside" of the universe.
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    You could use Terra and Luna, if you want some less colloquial names for Earth and its moon, respectively.
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