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Our Undiscovered Universe?

  1. Sep 22, 2008 #1
    So, I've been seeing ads for this book in PopSci, and checked out the website, but haven't heard a lot of discussions about it:

    It claims to explain the following:

    # Introduction to Null Physics - a logical grand unifying theory.
    # Null Cosmology - Our eternal universe is in perfect balance.
    # Cosmic Fusion Cycle - Maintains a perfect state of balance.
    # Intergalactic Red Shift - The big bang got it wrong.

    Has anyone read this book? And what is the consensus? Is this good stuff? I'd like to buy it but it's $70, and I'd like to get an opinion on it first. Of course, not necessarily whether or not it's all true or not, but at least whether or not it is a sound theory that deserves it's merit.
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    George Jones

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    It's very easy to write hogwash and it is almost as easy to have it published- especially if you are willing to pay to have it printed and then try to sell the book you self through ads.
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    I have no problems with crackpottery - but paying $70 for it stupider than stupid - think of how many of Big Macs you could buy! (Actually the 2 apple pies for $1 is my favourite deal.) :smile:
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    Maybe it was intended to be humourous as in satire or just taking the pi$$ out of physicists.
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