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Our viewers say

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    Ivan Seeking

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    I was just hit by several comments that made me laugh.


    However, as of late June, only $13 billion of $478 Billion had been spent.

    Conclusion, why does anyone even have an opinion yet? :rofl:

    Next, the News Hour, on PBS, was covering a story about Standish, Michigan, where Guantanamo detainees might be held. Here are one woman's comments.

    Okay, she meant perimeter, but we can ignore that. Then...

    Yep, those Gautemalan prisoners are a real problem! [HELLLLLP!]

    Then there was one guy who was funny just because of circumstance. This was a news story about allegations of serious misconduct and security lapses by ArmorGroup, a private security force guarding the US embassy, in Kabul, that has hired Nepalese guards who can't speak English. While kept in the dark with his voice disguised to protect his identity, and sounding dangerously similar to Donald Duck, he comes on and says
    http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/asia/july-dec09/embassy_09-01.html [Broken]

    No one who sounds like Donald Duck should be complaining about commucation problems! :biggrin: I didn't hear most of what he said because I was too busy laughing at his first sentence.
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    Have you ever felt like money could solve some of your problems??

    Well, I'm willing to offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity -- I'll buy your car for $10,000,000! Just give me your car, and I'll pay it off at a rate of $1 per year. I promise you, this will solve all your economic problems!

    Oh, and don't come a whinin' to me that it didn't solve your problems before you get at least 90% of the money, because otherwise you won't know if the money is helping to solve your problems.
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    Reductio ad ridiculum : your numbers are wrong. The rates you are comparing with have nothing to do with reality.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I already posted this in the favorite quotes thread, but I think it is worth one more pass.

    On the Cafferty Files, on CNN, viewers comment on current news stories and related questions posed by Jack Cafferty. One day the subject was divorce. The question was asking something about whether divorcees would get married again. One male viewer commented:

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