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Out of Africa

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    Out of Africa. I think I understand this concept but want to check.

    Homo habilis, Homo erectus, Homo neanderthalensis, Homo sapien - all of these hominids originate in Africa. Each migrated separately and then became extinct. There is not a direct link between any of these hominids, e.g. a subset of Homo habilis did not mutate into Homo erectus.

    Each group originated in Africa and then spread. Is this source in Africa thought different or to be the same for all of the above mentioned hominids? Is the chromosome number for habilis and erectus known?
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    At least with the homo neanderthalensis we share some genes and I think with another one, too. So it's not as separated as one might think.
    The out of Africa hypothesis in several migration waves is the mainstream hypothesis. There have been some doubts recently published, see
    and the links at the end of the article.
    In addition there is a human genetic bottleneck assumed (70,000 ~ 80,000), so that we all trace back to a few hundred or thousand individuals. AFAIK for migration processes female mitochondrial DNA is considered. There's also a urban legend that 25% of European population share genes with Dschingis Khan, but I have no idea whether there is really something to it or not.
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    I am aware of the 70,000 bottleneck. At the time it was attributed to some sort of volcanic activity. The flaw being that this should have effected everything and not just humans.

    The article was excessively vague.

    There is evidence for a European origin for Homo Sapien. I will have to check on that.
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    That is not correct, we are Homo sapiens. More specifically Homo sapiens sapiens.


    You need to back up your posts with valid sources.
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