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Out of gas?

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    I have a question I wanted to ask, or more like your opinions? I have read about the new book that rescently hit the book stores shelves, called Out of Gas. The books talks about the fact that we will run out of oil in less then a decate, which scientists say will not happen that soon. And also about the new ways that people will have to go about their needs..So what I wanted to ask is, what do you guys think we will use as a primary source to replace the oil? Nuclear power? Could it go as bad as coal or deeloped energy from the sun?....I think people will soon be not only fighting for oil but for water...if anyone intrested read the book called water, it freaky what you may think will happen. Although Russia and Canada are pretty safe...
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    Ivan Seeking

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    We are not going to run out of oil in the next ten years, but as supplies dwindle and the existing reserves get harder to reach the price will continue to rise. You should find quite a bit of interesting information in this thread:


    IMO, Go Hydrogen :smile:

    This allows us to use a many sources for our energy supply.
    In order to avoid duplicate threads, please keep any discussion of H2 in the thread linked.
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    I'd say: Go Clathrate
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    Although I'd say go clathrate also, the technology is not quite there yet to
    tap into those resources. I think the big oil companies are investigating though.
    While world liquid petroleum supplies are predicted to start dwindling in the next ten years, there is still oil in oil shale and tar sand, but it costs a bit more to extract. At current prices per bbl of crude oil, that option would now be cost effective.
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