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Out of my league

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    I'm here in hopes to learn somthing. Anything I could potentially wrap my mind around. I'm a culinary arts school dropout. Almost 40 years old. I have no education in physics whatsoever. But I have always had the overwhelming urge to tinker. Also, recently have become highly interested in alternative energy. I guess you could say I'm starting from scratch. I promise not to be a pest and ask a lot of silly questions. I'd like to just observe the interesting topics and see what my brain can handle.
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    Hi Ralphwchapman. :welcome:

    league maybe
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    Haha, already embarrassed by my first impression. Although mispelling my forum topic could be a great way to break the ice.
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    It's all good, Ralph. If one brain can learn it, so can another (unless you have a learning disability, I guess), so come and learn. Alternative energy is a cool topic, I made a real study out of it for a while. There are so many things out there. Not only emerging tech but also tech that was in practice for a while but was abandoned because it was cheaper to burn a fissile fuel at the time. A word of caution, though: there is also the fair share of nuts in this field pushing their ideas as fact and selling "plans" and "textbooks" on their "discovery." Just remember, if it ain't peer verified, it ain't a fact.
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    Excellent! That's the most important reason I joined. To have a means of staying away from the BS so I can focus on the valid.
    Thank you
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