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Out of place

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    Sorry folks, but I don't belong here, too dumb to hang out with the smart kids, too smart to run with the dumb kids, guess I'll go back to my little hole. :-{ (
    May the Free Flowing Electrons always be our slave and never our master!
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    Then you won't improve.
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    Very often it turns out that they aren't smarter than you (although it may feel that way at the time), they've just been studying whatever is under discussion for longer than you have.
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    Learning science is hard. It's even harder when you're trying to do it on your own and you're surrounded by people who have college degrees and sometimes decades of experience under their belt. Given the amount of pop-sci books, shows, and online articles out there, you may not have realized just how difficult it is prior to joining PF. I implore you to stick around and keep reading. Focus on the absolute very basics. And by that I mean plain old newtonian physics. It's old news, it's boring, you won't win a Nobel Prize for learning it, but it is utterly crucial to all of science and without those basic concepts you cannot advance in a meaningful way.
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    Exactly What I realized!
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