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  1. What effect upon orbits of the other planets would "spaceship" Earth have by leaving the solar system?
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    er, none. earth has too little gravity to be of any consequence.
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    Well, it would screw up the Martian's horoscopes.
  5. Should we take the Moon with us, or not?
  6. I'm not sure how much it would affect the solar system.

    However, let's say there is a gigantic asteroid heading toward Earth on a collision course. Let's say it ways millions of kilos. If you take a 500 kilo weight and match the asteroids velocity so that it is traveling parallel with the asteroid, and if enough distance is given, the 500 kilo will eventually pull the asteroid off of the collision course.

    Now let's say a stellar body travels in system. We are screwed.
  7. Do us a favor, calculate the probability of that occurring in our solar system :P
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