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Out of virtual memory

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    Hi. I recently got my computer upgraded to have a 100G rather than 50G hard drive, and to have double RAM. However, I am having a different problem that is impacting my school.

    I take school online, and some of my courses are run off of disks. So I was working through one of the disks today, and when I got to a lecture, it told me that it needed at least 3MB of virtual memory to run.

    I need to move along in this course as I am behind, and I cannot move on without listening to the lecture. I have never had this problem before with a lecture. What is happening?

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    Ok. I did everything that the link asked, and uninstalled the two programs that were using more virtual memory than they should (and this was much more than 3MB of virtual memory), but it is still giving me the same error when I try to listen to a lecture.

    I know the problem is not ram, as I recently had it upgraded to 1.5GB RAM, which is more than enough to run the lectures, and I have always had the same programs on my computer without this problem.
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    Ok. So I used the link and set the memory to 2253 min and 2253 max (which is what the computer recommended be allocated). And finally, the lecture is working.

    Thanks for your help Turbo. (I really hope that changing this doesn't screw up my computer :biggrin:).
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    No problem! Hope you have smooth sailing. If you're using applications that require a lot of virtual memory, it's a good idea to defragment your HD, so you read-head doesn't have to go chattering back and forth to write to and read from non-contiguous space.
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    I don't know if this would help, but in the BIOS since you have less than 2GB, you can use 1T timing for the RAM instead of 2T. 1T is faster timing.
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    Well, I think it should be fine as 1.5GB of RAM is alot for a laptop which is what I'm using.

    By the way, after this, my family wants to start using PF as their main computer help source, so expect more questions :wink:.
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    Thank God, makes me shudder when people start off a PC help thread with "So I took my PC to X for repairs and..."
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    You can set virtual memory manually.Right click My Computer->Properties->Advanced and here can set the virtual memory size .
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    My comp occasionally says that message, then it pops up with another and says it automatically upped it. I just keep working and it does it by itself.
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    Thats pretty slick. I think the only reason that I needed to up the virtual memory is because I tripled my RAM before it had happened.

    But seriously, I'm getting a new computer soon (the best part is that it has 2008 worthy specs, and runs on XP :biggrin:), and I hope it can do that for when I max out the RAM.
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    Wait till you go 64-bit, and then try maxing out the ram.

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