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Outer World and Inner World

  1. Aug 17, 2004 #1
    "Outer World" and "Inner World"

    Hi All,

    I am opening this thread NOT to ask questions but just to explore with you all on the subject of
    "Outer world" and "inner World"

    We , Human beings seems to be MASTERS in exploring the Outer World. Outer world I mean by..whatever
    out side of "Consciousness" . We seems to solve ANY PROBLEM whether it is a challenge in physics,
    chemistry, math ,astronomy ,biology..etc.

    To me "knowledge plus thought" seems to play a BIG role in solving & understanding the "outer world".

    When coming to "inner World", inner world i mean by "the mind" (not brain), I feel like we didn't succeed
    in solving/understanding "inner World" as we succeeded in out world.

    I would call the tool to handle "outer world" is "Knowledge plus thought".

    what is the tool to handle "Inner World" ? If there is a problem within the mind, how can a mind solves when itself is a problem?
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    jimmy p

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    Would you be able to give an example of this, so I know what you mean.
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    Lets us take a common problem exist in almost everybody's Inner World (Consciousness) which is "FEAR"...

    I see the FEAR as the source of many of our actions....

    Why we have accepted a LIFE based on identification with a Nation ( American, Indian...) , religion (Hindu , Christian , Islam...) ???

    We want to identify with a community because we are afraid of and then seeking security , protection ??

    The above is just one of the example of problems in "Inner World".
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    Maybe the mind is a product of the outer world and actually has no seperate individual existence unto itself..
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    And vice versa, maybe the brain is the product of the inner world. Evidently, this is the case according to science. Inner and Outer are like up and down, two aspects of a single thing sometimes called a "dimension".

    In recent decades a new tool has been developed which spans both the inner cognitive and external behavioral, Relational Frame Theory. It is the only tool scientifically proven to do so meaningfully and in a consistent and nontrivial manner. It is based on the philosophy of Functional Contextualism, and resembles some asian philosophies.

    Out of this research Radical Behaviorists created Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. This utilizes paradoxes and metaphores to explore the mind rather than any particular rational system. You might compare the idea to that of self-organizing systems. A garden is a self-organizing system, which if well arranged will grow well with minimal intervention.

    Similarly, by presenting the mind with paradoxes and metaphores, we present it only with an opportunity to interpret them anyway it so desires, and organize itself accordingly. A kind of mirror for the mind if you will. As they say, knowing what the problem is is half the battle. Different kinds of mirrors can be used to facilitate distinct types of growth.

    This is also what psychologists have noted in nature. Given enough time and focus on the issues, mental and emotional conflicts tend to be self-correcting. The only real job of the psychologist is to help facilitate the process, to make it easier and hopefully faster.
  7. Aug 18, 2004 #6
    Understanding & knowing of Outer world is done thru observation from ages...

    But to understand and to know how ones mind is working, reacting, acting , feeling...what is the method/process to do this ? Here the observer and observed is same !! How the mind to observ itself ?
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    There is a fine line between asking questions and preaching.
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    Many people believe that there is no "mind". What we call the mind is really just an always changing pattern of energy so to speak. So really there is no mind to see. What we see is the temporary and always fleeting thoughts and feelings of the moment and so in that sense we are always seeing the mind.

    Also, I think the concious part of ourselves isn't nearly advanced enough to be able to make sense of how complicated what we are really is.. in the same way that perhaps a person can't visualize 10 dimmensional space.

    The problem of how can "the mind" see itself is also like how can "the eye" see itself.
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    The problem is, that the formula "E=mc^2" is the formula for "Mind", better known as "Aware". But to many, they look at "Aware" as a byproduct of "E=mc^2" instead of vice versa. This is the Mother of all problems with todays thinking, and it is holding humanity back from expansion of thought.
  11. Aug 19, 2004 #10
    I think the way to overcome "inner-world" problems is through your own will power. A lot of people don't have very strong will power, so they find it hard to solve mental/psychological problems that they might have to face, but that's something that they can work on - if they know how.
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