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Outgassing rate

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    Hello everybody

    I'm looking for the outgassing rate of some very common material: fused Silica. The problem is that I cannot find any database where to get the value of it. I found a table where the values of the outgassing rates for some specific glass were shown, but nothing about the simple Silica (SiO2). I saw the outgassing rates of other materials but not for the SiO2.

    Does any of you know where could it be found, please? Some handbook of vacuum technology or something like this?

    Thanks in advance. Regards
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    Ask librarian.

    And I am not joking, I am observing Chemical Information Sources Discussion List, quite often they know sources for such things, or know where to look for them.
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    Hi everybody

    I made what I've been told and I received an answer from a librarian. Thank you Borek for your help. I attach the links that I received of a very kind librarian from my university just in case somebody else was looking for the same data:


    http://www.ee.ualberta.ca/~schmaus/vacf/outgas.html [Broken]

    I'd say that in the nasa webpage some concepts are not well-explained but the data are there. In my opinion, TML and some other concepts are not well-explained, but you have something to start.

    Have a nice day!!!!
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    thank you esorella...:)
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