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Output of best betavoltaics per size?

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    does anyone know what power output the best current betavoltaics can produce per size per volume/type/radioactivity of fuel? Are they capable of size for size equaling a normal battery? and if not what fraction of the way there? or are alphavoltaics more promising? I cannot find much of interest on t
    his except on these 'crazy' 'antigravity' web sites, which i dont know whether to believe or not.
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    Looks like your researching ways to build an Electrical energy source from a Beta emitter.

    I heard that Beta decay emissions can be accelerated by inducing a current into it, I don't know how true it is though.

    another potential maybe be to look into a Beta emitting Dielectric material and build a Beta emitting Capacitor. The Dielectric could be a b- or an b-b-
    and the charge plates could capture the emissions.

    Can't wait for High K Dielectrics in a spray can. Hehe. :smile:
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