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Over stock wire

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    I Don't know if this is the correct place for this post but here goes. I am looking for a supply house or distributor who buys wire I have a lot of 1015 22 red and black. I work for a company in carmel indiana who builds wire harnesses. Please point me in the correct direction. Thank you
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    eBay? Scrap metal dealers? (You'll probably get less from the latter since all that wire needs to be recycled).
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    Just curious. How much of this 22ga wire you have?
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    Check your area for electronic/electrical surplus dealers.
    For example, one of the biggest in my area is Apex Electronics. Unless you are looking to sell a huge quantity, I imagine shipping costs would offset any profit.
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    50,000 feet of red and 75,000 feet of black it is all in 25,000 feet barrels...
    There was a double p.o. put in for it.
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