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Homework Help: Overall effectiveness of 3 HX's in series

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    Dear all,

    I have a question about three heat exchangers in series. For each individual heat exchanger the effectiveness is known, and I have to show that the overall effectiveness is given by:

    eff = [ eff1 + eff2 + eff3 - eff1*eff2*eff3*C + (C+1)*(eff1*eff2*eff3*(C + 1) - eff1*eff2 - eff2*eff3 - eff3*eff1 ) ] / [ 1 - C*(eff1*eff2 + eff2*eff3 + eff3*eff1) + C*(C+1)*eff1*eff2*eff3 ]

    In which eff1, eff2 and eff3 are the effectiveness of each individual heat exchanger and C is equal to Cmin / Cmax, the ratio of the smaller capacity on one side to the larger capacity on the other side in the heat exchanger (equal for each individual heat exchanger).

    Can anyone help me with this?

    Kind regards,

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