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Overcoming Lenz's law

  1. Nov 11, 2015 #1
    Hello to all,

    Is the electromagnetic induction impeded by Lenz's law?
    Is this why the generators must have a minimum RPM?
    Is there any way to go around it?

    My motivation for the question resides in my being a philosopher of science. That means that I dabble in pretty much anything that science is purported to explain - but it doesn't. The "quantic" manifolded bewilderment among the very physicists is testimony to that.
    (If I went on along this line, I would never be able to post my question.)

    Thus, it is for precisely this reason that I address my question to engineers.
    When, and if, someone answers this constructively, I will offer my further ruminations on the subject - if the respondent is not averse to it.

    Thank you in advance, and glad to meet your open mind!
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    Hello Adeborts, welcome to PF :smile: !

    Open mind is one thing. dabbling is something else ! Scientists usually prefer scientific reasoning :rolleyes: and ultimately experiment decides !

    The answer to your first question is: no.
    The answer to your second question is: No. And generators do not have a minimum rpm. Where did you get that 'fact' ?
    So the answer to your third question is now no longer relevant.

    Look forward to your further ... ruminations

    All in good spirit, of course :smile:

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