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Overcoming lightning

  1. Nov 19, 2005 #1
    Hi, I was just very curious and sort of frustrated when this topic comes to my mind. How the heck we cant overcome lightning in such a modern age? You see when there's lightning, I cant:
    1)On my com
    3)On the TV
    4)Pick up the phone
    5)everything related to eletrical and electronics stuff

    I was just wondering why? I always thought the guy (hmm what his name already? The scientist who uses the key and kite to draw lightning) has tell us how to take lightning to be earthed.

    I dont think the solution hasnt been found. Large and tall building such as the tallest building in the world at my place now...they dont off their computer when lightning strike right? Well, that's obvious. If every office do so, the economy will be dead. So what's the problem?
    Is it because:
    Price issue? Is it too expensive to get the equipment use by those tall building?

    If not please tell me why? why?
    Please help.
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    Buildings are grounded. Houses are not to a point that they can handle lightning. Lightning is incredibly powerful... I mean we're talking about something with hundreds of millions of volts. Normal household wire is designed for up to 220V... not 100,000,000 volts.
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    Okie...so does it mean tall building is designed for millions of volts? hmm...
    So does it still mean it's expensive to have the equipment built for houses?
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    Most commercial buildings have steel girder construction, with the bottom girders deeply planted in the ground. Homes generally have concrete or stone foundations and wooden structural components which don't conduct.
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    However, I have a good surge protector on my desktop computer (and other important appliances) so I don't generally pull the plug unless the storm is really, really bad. With good surge protection, you shouldn't need to pull the plug - some high-end ones even come with insurance against damage, iirc.
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    A surge-protector is good for... well, surges, but it won't do any good if a lightning bolt blows your roof off and your computer gets rained on. :tongue:
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