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Overeactive=mc (2) to hurkly

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    locking a thread is just as overeactive as some of the insulting terms used in it, which i notice people seem to copy from each other.

    First of all ..who is going to be mislead ? anybody reading the thread

    Convergent matrice=divergent constant ?

    is going to see it for what it is. A math beginner with a strong conceptual agenda to figure out how to approach realising that. Why be ashamed of a google listing. Anyone reading the thread would also see it for what it was ? if it was me that caused all the problems, what do you have to ashamed about ?

    You would think a biologist taking a strong and creative approach to solving a specific problem would be one aspect for which this forum is suited for.

    i did get the feeling myself through the last post i wrote to matt grime, i ought to go off on my own. The diatribe was getting kind of half beneficial, and half pointless, I mean i'm reading books and trying to write some real math, so i have to thank all repliers for that.

    my gripe about that you should not be using terms like crackpot and to some degree nonsense. Thats was lead to half my problems with the thread. and also in the way other decent posters here are treated. You then lock and finish by repeating the terms. I notice you deleted the post when i stuck up for another very decent poster who i thought was getting similiar bad treatment. Will you even allow this to be posted ? If you are a mod, and want a forum with a good atmosphere, controlling your own experts, by private message would be the better strategy.

    Its your loss, locking threads. Just looks very bad. I've now begun the process to thrash out the structure, if not the solution for the required equation. Which also might answers the question why the other root of phi is not commonly used.

    The whole idea was.

    1 : present a rough concept (done)
    2 : learn about correct definitions for that (done)
    3 : create a rough structure which matches the problem (done, but prevented from posting)
    4 : work on correct details for the components of the equation.
    5: see if these are compatible with the structure.
    6: start testing the equation itself.

    leave out the insults, and ill leave out the attitude. Crackpot is a personal insult, as its a negative reference to someones mental state. I dont see how you can think thats not personal.

    A bit of neuroscience for you. Just using insulting terms like that, activates the same brain regions as if someone actually came up and shoved you round physically.
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    Isn't this a repost? Seems like I am hearing this same rant from a different user name every week.

    Look, Sprinklehopper, or what ever your name is this week. We do not know if you are a crackpot or a forlorn genius. All we have to make a judgment on is your posts. You sound a lot like a crackpot, therefore we react like you are a crackpot. Could we be wrong? Of course we could be wrong, but we are very willing to take that chance. The general rule here is we discuss and stick to the main stream, if you are not interested in that find some where else to post, we do not hold anyone here against their will.

    If you are not a crackpot then perhaps you need to change the tone (and content) of your posts. If you can't do that then, again, you need to find somewhere else to post. We have lots of room here for people who know and understand the current state of science, we also have lots of room for those who wish to learn the current state of science.

    What we have no room for is those who think the current state of science is wrong and only they can see how it really is.

    I think that it may be best for all if you just move along, I am sure there are other forums who will find your input invaluable, we do not.
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    well perhaps that ought to tell you something. I have never been in this forum under a different name.
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    I am getting my info on whats happening in science from professionals within the field itself. Theres plently of articles about this subject, coming from the top. You think this is the view of an outsider. My future is grant dependent too.

    A lot of people in science are concerned. Purely as they are seeing the specialist gravy train coming to an end, and the next decade is going to be good for cross discipline researchers. i'm pretty happy about that. Eject as you wish. its your loss. Things are going pretty well for me right now.

    Anwyay i'm still grateful for the assistance i got. Ratty welcome tone or not. its got me on my way in beginning math. I'll certainly state my beef though. What would it do for a teenager coming here, who sees these science mentor, advisor logos and gets insulted.

    Have you considered just how damaging that might be ?
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    But you would have known the CLEAR policy of this forum when you first signed up! Did you not read the Guidelnes, or did you think we were joking? You would have been aware of the strict policy of this forum and what possible actions that would have been taken. You continued ANYWAY!

    ... and please note that we DO have an IR forum that was clearly indicated in the forum guidelines designed for "testing" new ideas here.

    And I would also say that you have the lack of empirical data to make sufficient conclusion about the progress of this forum SINCE the stricter rules have been instituted, and what it was before. If you are that concerned about methodology, then maybe you should be equally concerned about the validity of your 'data' to arrive at all your conclusion about PF.

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    As we explain every time someone jumps in with a rant about the moderation here, this matter should be discussed via private message with the mentor for the forum in which your thread was locked or deleted for explanation.
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