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Overheard at the doctors

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    An elderly couple standing in front of me at the reception desk, the man says to the lady,
    (you must be firm with them), so the lady asks the receptionist for a new appointment,
    The receptionist tells her May the 27 is earliest she can do, the man says to his partner,
    (that will not do be firm with them), so the lady asks for an earlier appointment, the receptionist asks them to wait while she asks the doctor, the man turns to me and gives me
    me wink and says (you have to be firm with them), the receptionist comes back and tells the lady, the 27 of May is the best she can do, the man says ( thats better), and they book the appointment, as they are leaving the man says to the lady ( see you must be firm with them), i felt so sorry for them.
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    Hahaha old people.

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    That is funny. In a strange way.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    There are some advantages to having Alzheimer's: You keep making new friends. You can hide your own Easter eggs...

    In fact more truth than fiction. My parents now live in a retirement community, and everyone wears name tags because otherwise the introductions would never end. They laugh about it but it's true!

    Seriously though, getting old ain't for sissies. Imagine what it will be like to lose your indendence, to be reliant on someone else to wipe your butt, to be constantly in pain, to be unable to perform tasks that you've been doing your entire life. It can be terrifying, dehumanizing, and incredibly depressing.

    So, what were we talking about...?
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    In a way the receptionist tricked this couple (may be unintentionally), she could have told them the second date was the same as the first, i guess as the couple seemed happy she did not bother.
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    She just didn't want to be a jerk.
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    Three old guys on the beach, one turns to the other and says "I fancy an ice cream" waving a fiver around, the oldest guys says: "I'll go", so they say "ok, but you know what your memories like: anyway I'll have chocolate icecream a flake and some peanut sprinkles" says one, "sure you can remember that?" The guy says "yeah yeah, no problem".

    "I'll have vanilla a flake and some cherry sauce as well, you sure you can remember all this?" says the other guy.

    "Yeah, yeah no problem"

    Anyway an hour goes by and there's no sign of him, so they start to get worried, wandering up the beach they come to their friend who hands them each a bag of chips and the change, they turn to each other looking bemused, and the guy says "what!? What's up?"

    And the old timer says "where's my burger?"

    Old joke.
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