Owwww my finger!

  1. Pengwuino

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    owwww i burnt my finger on this metal handle that we use to bake pizza! Its white and swollen where the handle made its mark... what should i do!!! ive had it in water the last 2 hours....
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  3. Ice. Its gonna blister too. Ice and then a band-aid after a couple hours.
  4. Pengwuino

    Pengwuino 6,942
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    im using ice water
  5. Cut your finger off, problem solved you crybaby.
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  6. Pengwuino

    Pengwuino 6,942
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    i was going to put a disclaimer that i didnt want cyrus's advice.... should have listened to my gut insticts

  7. Ok, just making sure :wink:

    I did a similar thing once. Well sorta, it involved a removing the bit from a hot jackhammer that we had been using on super-tile (seriously, this stuff was frickin indestructible, the jackhammer couldn't even break it, it just shook them until the tiles got lifted off the mortar) that I grabbed after having forgotten I had removed my gloves. It blistered. Not fun.
  8. Lisa!

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    I put toothpaste on my finger if I was you. Perhaps potato would be good but I guess it's too late now!

    (Penguins have fingers?:confused: )

  9. This one does apparently. I didn't know they ate pizza though.
  10. Dip your finger in pizza sauce and eat it.
  11. I would put some form of paste on it and wrap it with ice...

    Other than that....
  12. Lisa!

    Lisa! 882
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    He was just baking pizza or perhaps they were baking pizza used penguin in! yummy a pizza made with penguin!:tongue2:

  13. Explain this to me, Lisa mentioned toothpaste as well. Why?
  14. i'm gonna suggest you stop typing with it

  15. Lisa!

    Lisa! 882
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    Ah I can't explain it well in English!:redface:
    It must be like ice. I mean it keeps your finger cool and you can put a band-aid on it and go back to your job...
  16. Pengwuino

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    wheres moonbear, shes nicer and more helpful!!
  17. Astronuc

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    Putting your finger in cool water is about all you can do - and bear the pain.

    How is your finger this morning, and how big is the blister?

    Keep it clean, especially if the blister breaks.

    You might want to put medicated moisturizing cream containing Aloe Vera on that part of the finger and Vitamin-E oil. I have experience with this myself - and a few scars. :biggrin:

    Don't do that again! Wear mits around hot objects.
  18. Evo

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    Pengwuino, you could have a serious burn, meaning the tissue under the skin is also damaged. It shouldn't still be hurting after two hours in ice water. If it is still hurting or doesn't look better today, go to a doctor and have it examined.
  19. Moonbear

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    Aww. :blushing:

    I went to sleep early last night, so didn't see it sooner. Sorry. There's not much to be done for it, I'm afraid. Cold water or ice on the burn is good immediately, to cool the area and stop it from worsening. It also just feels better, but after initially cooling it, isn't doing much to help it heal. It's going to sting for a while until it heals. If the blister isn't broken, just cover it with loose gauze to protect it, nothing else is needed. If it has broken open, you can use an antibiotic ointment on it under the gauze to keep it from getting infected until it heals. That's the biggest risk with second and third degree burns, that they are prone to infection since the skin that normally acts as your first defense against bacterial invaders is absent (that's why you shouldn't listen to any of those remedies that suggest putting any other goops on it, like butter or toothpaste or whatever else people are suggesting...that just increases the risk of smearing bacteria into it). Integral's recent thread about his scraped knee had a recommendation of an antibiotic ointment with a topical anesthetic in it. You can use that to take the edge off the sting.

    Next time use oven mitts. :biggrin:

    Edit: Just saw Astronuc's post. Yes, if you can find a medicated cream specifically made for burns that includes Aloe Vera in it, that's very soothing to burns too.
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  20. Pengwuino

    Pengwuino 6,942
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    Well it stopped hurting all together after 3 hours and the blister seems to have... unswelled? I think i'm good, next time i'll just chop my finger off and hope it regenerates.
  21. How the hell did you burn it that bad you whimp? You really had to grab that thing for dear life and not let go to make it that bad.
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