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Admissions Oxbridge admissions

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    Just a heads-up that the Oxbridge admissions season for 2007/2008 started on the 1st of the month - the window closes mid-October...

    I think UK med-school applications have to be in around this time also, but I'm not so familiar with this.
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    is this also true for part III of the mathematics tripos at cambridge?
    and if for example at the time you send the papers you still dont have your grades of your first degree, do they still accept your application form?
    i still havent finidhed my degree, but i wonder about it for the future.
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    No idea.

    I doubt it's like undergrad admission tho' - it is more of a masters course.

    I think Matt Grime did it - he probably knows.
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    My experience with applying to Cambridge for Part III: you get a conditional offer of admission from the department that's contingent on satisfactory progress on your last year and admission into a college (in the sense that the university is made up of academic departments an residential colleges).
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    all Oxbridge, medical , veterinary and dental applications must be in by October 15th I believe. i'm going for physics at oxford.
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    Good luck!

    I applied and didn't get in - mainly, I believe, due to the fact our school didn't offer further maths A-level. That, and I completely lost the plot in the interview due to tiredness, solitude and nerves.

    Stuff oxford though; I ended up with 460 UCAS points all in sciences and am aiming for a first (I'm starting 3rd year in a couple of weeks).
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    that's a pain, not being able to do further maths!

    my college has really good oxbridge support so i'm quite hopeful, i'm just worried about the interview - i'm not good at articulating myself! i'm afraid that i won't be able to get across just how much i want to do physics.

    ah well, there's always another university...

    i just really want to go to oxford!:frown:
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    The interview takes the form of them proposing a number of (apparently) simple physics questions and asking you to work through them. They're looking at your ability to work things out. DO NOT explain to them the 'common knowledge' interpretation of the problem if you know it. Act as though you've never heard of any of the theories and you're working out the answer using simple algebra and common sense.

    In fact, they have been known to choose questions whose 'common' interpretations are outright wrong. For example, aircraft don't fly because of the pressure differential above and below the wings, as many basic school books will say, but because it's what I'd always been told I ran with it and couldnt explain myself when it got down to the mathematics. This one caught me out.
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    thanks for that - any more advice??
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    how difficult is it to get into part 3 of the maths tripos? Does anyone know any admissions stats, and other details, like if they give interviews or not. I can't find any of these things on the website and I've looked quite hard.
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    In my day they took pretty much anyone who had a first. And even if you had a 2/1 you had a pretty good chance.
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    how long ago are we talking? I'd be very grateful if I could find anyone who could give me more info.
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    Have a look at their website: http://www.maths.cam.ac.uk/CASM/ [Broken]

    btw: this is pretty exciting for you exam junkies - http://www.maths.cam.ac.uk/ppa/2006/Part_3/index.html [Broken]
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