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Oxford for DPhil

  1. Nov 10, 2013 #1
    Hi all,
    I thought this night be a good place to get some opinions on my next academic move. I am currently in my final year at imperial studying for an MPhys in physics with theoretical physics and am on track for a 1st. I am definitely going for a PhD for next year, and have been offered a funded place in the theoretical Physics group provided I get my first. Although this is all very well and good, I have been thinking about applying to Oxford again- I say again because I was the recipient of one of those dreaded letters 4 years ago from trinity. Oxford is a place I'd love to finally study at - I suppose it's a pride thing... Anyway I know there are some very knowledgable and experienced people on this forum and I'd be interested to hear whether you guys think it's worth a go or whether I should just swallow my pride and stay here in Imperial.
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    The usual advice for PhD students apply: WHERE you study is almost irrelevant; it is WHO you work with that matters.

    When you say you are thinking of "applying", do you mean that you will apply to one of the Oxford DTCs?

    While DTCs are becoming more common, the norm in the UK is still that you apply for a position with a named researcher.
    Imperial is -AFAIK- a bit unusual in the way they handle PhD students, so don't expect other universites to work in the same way.
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