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Programs Oxford Math PhD

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    Just wondering if anyone has experience applying to study physics at the maths dept in oxford...do they generally do interviews before deciding admission? or is it like Imperial where quite often decisions are made solely on paper?
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    I honestly don't know anything about math at Oxford or, indeed, anything about Oxford but why would you study physics at a maths dept of any college? Surely Oxford has a physics department?
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    Because theoretical physics is so mathematical, studying "physics" in a maths department is not that far fetched.

    Although, h0dgey84bc, to answer your question, they'll ask you in for an interview.
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    Yeah, the research at the Maths Dept actually suits my interests better I believe...well I hope it will anyway.

    Thanks for the reply jph12, I thought they would ask me in, it's just that the deadline for decisions for the "gathered field" I applied within is swiftly approaching (16 Jan!!), and they haven't contacted me about interview yet, although theyve confirmed they have all my documents....weird.... unless they don't even feel me worthy of interview, hehe
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    Everyone is still on holiday, so I'd be patient. But, if the question was whether they interview everyone prior to a decision--good or bad--I don't know. It seems that many decisions are made quite late, so I wouldn't take it to heart if your application is deferred. Good Luck!
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    You can't study Physics at the maths department can you?

    I was under the impression you had to do the whole tripos, the Natural Sciences before you concentrated on your specialty.
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    Confused by exactly what you mean calvinuk, but perhaps you are thinking I mean undergrad physics as oppose to PhD? The group in the maths dept I am applying to is :http://www2.maths.ox.ac.uk/mpg/index.shtml [Broken]
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    Totally am.

    Didn't read the full thread :)
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    anyone get an email or letter in the post yet (about interviews or offers or rejections) ? I'm getting worried...
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    I wouldn't worry about it just yet, since term hasn't started at Oxford.
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    This is a good site to check when grad admissions starts to roll out: http://thegradcafe.com/survey/index.php?q=math*

    If you go to thegradcafe.com, you can check all grad admissions for all programs or narrow it down to physics, bio, etc.
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    Anyone from the UK accepted/interviewed for Oxford Math Phys yet? I'm guessing I'm on some kind of waitlist here, unless they interview really late or enjoy torturing me
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    While the last closing deadline is 27 March, the bulk of offers tend to be quite "late" for UK/EU nationals. Since they acknowledge, "Candidates who have not gained an award may transfer their application to the route for unfunded places at any time before the end of July", I would surmise "late" is to be defined "after exams". I know someone who had an interview in December, but it wasn't for that group. I imagine your not getting axed at this point is probably a (relatively) good thing. I'd suggest that you call and inquire as to whether there will be an interview. It may ease your mind a bit. Best of Luck!
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    I (and 4 other people that day) had an interview just over a week ago. Haven't heard anything yet though. Maybe drop them an email to find out about your application (always good to make sure it hasn't got lost somewhere).
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    bugger, admin told me at this stage there are just 18 people (who havent been reviewed) all of which would only be considered for unfunded places :(. How can you do an unfunded PhD anyway?? alas
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