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Oxidation and Reduction

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    I do not understand how to balance these oxidation reduction equations.
    These equations seem really complicated, I don't understand them. The question that i have to answer is
    Balance the following equations by the half cell method. Show both half cell reactions and identify them as oxidation or reduction.
    a) SO3^2- + MnO4-+ H+ (arrows) Mn2+ + SO4^2- + H2O
    b) Cl2 + OH- (arrows) Cl- + ClO3- + H2O
    c) SO4^2- + I- + H+ (arrows) S2- + I2 + H2O
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    You need to start by writing out the half reactions. For example the half reaction of iron +3 being reduced to iron +2 would be:

    Fe+3 + e- ---> Fe+2

    Try it from there.
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