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Oxidation of sulfide to sulfate

  1. Jun 4, 2015 #1
    Hello, I would need with this task:

    Write a balanced equation for the oxidation of dissolved H2S to sulfate by dissolved oxygen. Indicate the oxidation states of the redox-sensitive elements involved.

    - For each redox couple, write the oxidized and reduced species in an equation and balance the amount of element, except H and O.
    - Balance electroneutrality by adding electrons.
    - Balance the number of oxygen atoms by adding H2O.
    - Balance the number of protons (H) by adding H+.
    - Subtract the two half-reactions, canceling electrons to obtain the complete redox reaction.

    Sulfide to Sulfate: H2S ->SO4 2-

    Im not sure which are the redox couples and where to add electrons, but Ive got this so far:

    H2S + 1/2O2 -> S0 + H2O
    S0 + 1 1/2O2 + H2O -> SO4 2- + 2H+

    Can someone provide his advice or comment if this is correct and how to proceed further? Thanks!
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    Why two steps oxidation and not a single step?

    What is getting reduced?
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