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Oxidation proof metal mesh?

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    I'm having trouble finding a suitable material to keep critters from nesting under our solar panels. Galvanized steel mesh oxidizes quickly because being attached to the solar modules, and plastic mesh just isn't strong enough and looks unsightly. I need a steel or metal mesh that will not rust while being subjected to the electrical properties of the solar modules and moisture from the atmosphere. The solar module frames are aluminum.

    Any suggestions, PLEASE?

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    I doubt solar panels electricity has anything to do with the steel oxidation. After all, steel mesh is not attached to the wires (hopefully). In any case, isolate steel from any other metal - don't let it touch aluminum, noro copper nor anything else, as that will speed corrosions (not necesarilly of steel) for sure.
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    Titanium would be my suggestion; it's rather notably inert. Unoxidized titanium very quickly (as in, a matter of microseconds) forms a protective layer of titanium oxide which prevents further oxidation. Titanium can withstand pure acids at temperatures of 800C or more--- which is, I think, a pretty compelling lack of reactivity.

    Find some titanium screen, and I don't think you'll even have to consider what mechanism was affecting the steel; it will simply stop.
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