Oxidation reduction reactions

  1. balance the following oxidation reduction reactions. which is the oxidizing agent? reducing agent?
    ()my answer as balance

    a) P4 + Cl2 =(4)PCl5 reducing agent P, o agent Cl
    b) Sn2+ + Cu2+ = Sn4+ + Cu+ reducing agent Sn, o agent Cu
    c)(2)Cu + H+ +NO3 - = Cu2 + NO2 +H20 " No3, " Cu
    D) BR2+ (2)SO2 + H2O = (2)H+ (2)Br- + So4 2- " SO, " Br
    e) H2SO4 + 2HBr = SO2 +Br2 + (2) H2O " HBr, " H2SO4
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    not balanced
    charges not balanced

    I'm not sure how to make out the rest of them. Perhaps you could rewrite them in a more standard form?
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