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Oxidation States

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    Oxidation States....

    I have read that the "idea of oxidation states is contrived." Why then do we use the idea and why does it work if it is not really the case? Why should we suppose everything acts like its ionic, etc?

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    I am not sure but I think it means that the compound Cupper Sulphate can have different oxidation states depending on the valency of copper.

    Oxidation states is onyl related (as far as I know) to ionic bonding so the idea is not used (again, as far as I know) for covalent bonding.

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    Question:If the idea of oxydation states (oxydation numbers,as i know of it,acronym ON) is flawed,how would you explain REDOX rections in general chemistry...??

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    It works because :
    (1) Molecules are electrically neutral, no matter whether they are covalent or ionic,
    (2) Charge is conserved in a reaction, irrespective of the nature of the constituents.
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