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Oxidative phosphorilation Please help

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    oxidative phosphorilation!!!Please help ASAP

    I am really confused with the term oxidative phosphorilation.can anyone kindly explain the precesses that happen in this reaction??
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    It's a reaction that takes place in the inner mitochondrial membrane, where ADP is phosphorylated to ATP, coupled to an electron transport chain.

    The electron transport chain is powered by stepwise oxidations that release small and managable amounts of energy, this causes protons to be pumped to the intermembrane space. The proton gradient then powers ATP syntase by chemiosmotic coupling (protons pass through the unit and return back to the mitochondrial matrix). The ATP synthase unit is where the phosphorylation of ADP to ATP takes place.

    As you know, the ATP is an energy carrier that can later be used in metabolic processes.
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    Hey thanks for your help.I am still confused with some of the things that happen in oxidative phosphorilation.If you can help me with this i'd be very grateful.
    1)Does ADP go inside the ATPase for the production of ATP or ADP+P will wait outside in the matrix for the hydrogen atom full of energy to come out of the ATPase and combine there to form ATP?Where does that ADP +P come from in the first place?
    2)Hydrogen atom oxidised from the NADH goes accross the inner membrane into the space between .Whats the use of having FAD in this process as NAD can release hydrogen on its own?
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