Oxide Issues

  1. I'm working with clathrate compounds in a glove box filled with Argon. My problem is that there always remains a small amount of oxygen in the glove box even after multiple purges. This oxygen binds and makes an oxide layer on my clathrates. I don't know how to avoid this and am trying to find some suggestions. My goal is to achieve a pure clathrate to measure thermodynamic data with and this oxide layer throws all my data off. Thanks!
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    If this is a pumping problem, have you tried introducing chemicals to absorb or adsorb the remaining oxygen after the argon is sealed in?
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    How much oxygen, or rather what is the level of oxygen in the Ar atmosphere. In such cases, one might use a chemical reaction to bind the oxygen, e.g., a getter such as a heated Ti or Zr metal in the form of a mesh, or one could use cracked ammonia for a reducing atmosphere, but hydrogen is flammable or explosive.
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